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The Album

"TOGETHER" is the much expected debut album of MOTHERFLUTTERS. It features 11 songs including the well received singles Find Love, I Wanna Be and One Day that hit 1st place in the TOP30 A3.30 Antena3 in Portugal and in the Top40 QBS Radio. It also includes Time to Time that was considered one of the best songs of 2022 and the 3rd most voted by the TOP A3.30 Antena3.


The album was composed, recorded and produced apart from each other (between Portugal, England and Qatar) and not even 7.500kms were able to  separate the two brothers. Music kept them together... 


With a Classical Music background and having participated in other mainstream bands (Moullinex, Suite), André and Filipe Cameira take us through a galaxy full of Disco, Funk and Pop, driven by striking flute melodies and powerful and funky guitars, creating an appealing, groovy and uplifting music. 


Mixed by Miguel Ferrador (Planta Music Lab) in Lisbon and Mastered by Jarrad Hearman in London, also features Manu Idhra (Percussions), Bruna Antunes (Voice) and Flávio Filipe (Drums) as special guests. 

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