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"Motherflutters are a complete Band: Good musicians, excellent professionals and incredible people. They bring all this experience and good energy to the stage, presenting a show in which, together with the audience, they build sound paths that always lead to the same place: total party!"

- Filipe Confraria,

Producer at Maus-Hábitos, 24/05/2023

"One of the best concerts we had here.
Bang's door will always be open for you because you are big!"

- Ulisses Dias,

Director at Bang Venue, 02/05/2023

"You know that person who is usually at the bar, watching a concert and, from time to time, taps his foot - but very rarely? Well, that same person, although he could have been present at Musicbox, left the bar, put down his drink or drank it in one go and went dancing to the sound of Motherflutters in the front row - we can't think of a better way to describe this concert."

- In Instagram de Música sem Capa,

about the concert at Musicbox. 22/03/2023

"Motherflutters came to Stereogun to headline an anthology concert that was contagious and made the audience dance in an unequivocal way. Their vibrant, sophisticated music with a perfect combination of electronics and organic instruments (where a meandering flute and two mellow voices emerge in perfect harmony), has a universal quality language and impact that carves smiles on the faces of those who watch them live. In this or in any other part of the world."

                                             - Carlos Matos,

producer at Stereogun, 7/8/2023

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